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Montreal HHH Multimedia

Newspaper Articles
McGill Daily (January 2010)
St. Lazare Journal (February 2009)
News@Concordia (April 2006)

The Mirror (July 2003)
The Hour (August 2002) (August 2002)
The Chronicle (July 2000)

Montreal Gazette (August 2000)
Montreal Gazette (May 2000)
Cedars Newsletter (Fall 1999)  English | French
The Chronicle (August 1999)
Cedars Newsletter (Fall 1998)
West Island Suburban (August 1998)
News and Chronicle (August 1998)
Montreal Gazette (July 1998)
News and Chronicle (May 1998)
NDG Monitor (September 1997)

Radio Interviews
CBC Radio interview with Dead Animal & Foxy Lady (May 1998) (English)
CBC Radio interview with Mustapha Kunt and Turkish Delight (October 1998) (English)
SRC Radio interview with LOB and WOB (July 1999) (Fran´┐Żais)
Radio Canada interview (Sept. 2008) (Fran´┐Żais) See the web page | Listen to the interview

TV News Clips
CFCF-12 Pulse News (August 1998) 
CFCF-12 Pulse News (August 1999)
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Red Dress Run 2008 on YouTube