Hash Trash - Run #646

Hash Trash - Run #646 (written by Clit On)

Date: Sunday, July 6th, 2008 @ 1:00PM
Location: Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue
Hares: Yogi, Little Big Man, Anon

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1. Gather at Anons boat at the dock in St Anne De Bellevue. A fine vessel if ever I've seen one.. Yogi and Little Big Man co-haring, with Skipper Anon at the wheel. Check point in sight of (water) charriot.. not a good start.. LBM making sure the pack gets totally decimated at the start of the trail.. nice !!!.

2. Clit On and visitor Dr Evil (Tokyo hash.. but Danish) forge ahead on trail.. but.. oh oh.. WTF has the trail gone.. Extra 2km exhausted in SAD Bellevue searching for trail, with Dr Evil wishing he'd linked up with an FRB that knew WTF he was doing.

3. Back on trail.. and yes.. its going over the bridge.. quick but annoying false trail on ile Claude.. as if it was going to be true trail.. come on!!!

4. Clit on and Dr Evil.. still totally separated from the pack.. (and thinking they were DFL) start the cursing of lack of sweeping and check point checkthroughs.. but.. hehe.. Clit on anticipates backcheck over the footbridge..... check backs continue....

5. Very annoying checkback in mini industrial area.. not a fellow hasher in sight.

6. Slight shortcut picks up trail again at check point.. but.. no sign of true trail.. SH%T.. it was there all the time.. not 10 yards from where Clit 
On was convinced it went elsewhere..

7.. couple more annoying checkbacks...

8.. Dr Evil and Clit On finally make it to On On Beer..much to joyous cheers of fellow hashers... Foxy nowhere to be seen... DA rassures pack that Foxy didnt make it over the bridge.. and tells us to cast off for yonder shore..

9.. very pleasant boat ride.. Anon becomes upset at lack of enthusiasm for pack requesting passing females on other boats to kindly raise their 
clothing and allow the sun to touch their bussom (reads... Show us yer tits !!)

10.. Arrive back at dock.. DA and Clit On set off in search of lost Fox.

On ON !!!

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