Hash Trash - Run #622

Hash Trash - Run #622
Date: Sunday, February 3rd, 2008 @ 1:00PM
Location: Baie d'Urfe

Hares: Up For Grabs, Clit On

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OK.. Clit On here, with a hash report from #622. This narative spans two time periods, with the GPS tracker used when laying trail, the commentry is a record of Clit Ons brain recordings (not much going on there then) during the laying of the trail as well as keeping a watchful eye on the hash later that day...

Please use the numbering sequence as found on the attached map.

0. Off to a bright and early start with co hare Up For Grabs. She's on good form this morning, calmly advising Clit On that we're are a little late getting out to lay trail, and suggesting that two squirty bottles should have been prepared the night before.

1. out of sight of charriots (a classic hash hare crime), The first check is laid. 2 road routes being nice obvious false trails, with true trail going 
into the park.

Oh dear... Looks like SLOC has blown through the false trail.. Oh very dear.. looks like the lemmings that be the pack have followed him.

Oh good.. It looks like SLOC has picked up trail on Oakridge...in the wrong direction...

Oh the silly people.. they're now on true trail going the wrong way.. have to record a down down for SLOC .. and the pack.. or maybe just one of them since they ALL followed him...

OK.. With some loud words from Grabs.. "OY !.. its this WAY !" the pack gets back on track.

2. OK.. nice simple (often executed) check.. false trail down the hill. (that Foxy will likely follow... and anyone following it will probably elect 
NOT to come back up the hill).. Snow shiggy down the hill.. meet up with U4G at the base.

3. Send U4G up Magnolia on a nice long checkback to get the pack back together

Oops.. they blow straight through it and pick up the cycle path.. note to self.. stop using cycle path.. its too fookin obvious.

4. Nice easy check up with a fals trail up Brentwood SLOC getting away again and picks up trail to go down Brentwood. DA Foxy and 
Panty Ho take up shortcuting techniques and disappear from trail...

The hares follow the SCBs to see what they get up to !

5. A few anti FRB tactics to keep them in line.. including trip #1 onto the ice with a checkback.. (wonder if the ice is thick enough..that would REALLY slow SLOC down!!)

5 - 6 Nice bit easy bit of trail-laying.. CO and U4G running at good pace.. Have to stop for Snowplough... for FOOKS SAKE.. snow plough obliterates trail markings.. back track back to the checkback to relay this bit at least (may have to do a quick tour later to check more trail)

6. Need to do something else before heading off the cycle path... see two parks close to each other... hehe.. easy little extra ice adventure.

Turkey Eagle split !.. SLOC, Cheap Thrills , moooostapha Koont and Skinflint brave the ice once more for the long split... all 40 yards of it.. Abbot grows wings and thinks of Christmas.. and VIOLA! he's then found wandering in Christmas Park when the Eagles catch up with him.

7.. DOh!.. the purple aquirt mixture is running a bit low.. quick detour into Beaurepaire village to top up the bottles.

Nice Check.. pack wondering (hoping) that the trail is heading for home.. but NO.. Goes up St Andrew. Check follows and we lose SLOC into the wilderness (of Beaurepaire village).. pack picks up true trail.. and with a little hint from the hare.. makes sure Skinflint doesnt fall into her usual pattern (ie check back bitch)

8. Sends U4G further up St Andrew, and lays a bit of extra trail and a check..which the pack them blows through coz the hare cant be arsed to go down there again.. so drops a big hint that going stright on instead of right might get them back on trail...

9. Bit of light 'check action' near Woodland 20 junction, including a self inflicted check back as CO thought there was a path through to Woodland.. that wasn't there.. DOH!

Pack follows U4G false trail and picks up trail at Woodland lights (why do I bother?? )

9 - 10 Foxy and DA pick up with the pack, with Foxy wondering why there's no check marks. Co calmly indicates that on this particular hash.. short cuts are unmarked.

10. Some nice bits of trail to finish off the run.

The pack is rather fatigued (read F*ckt) and head along Beaurepaire to the on in... meeting up with the walkers just as they arrive back at the on in. All rosy cheeked .. and ready for maybe a beer.. or three...

Circle highlights...

TFU - Birthday (he must be 70 by now!!)

Turkish Delight.. receives Numbskull #25 for attempting to pass off a hankerchief as the latest stich n bitch project (me thinks there's a whole 
lot more bitchin' goin' on than stitchin')(dont think that was the reason.. but the press always disort the truth)

Hares given a down down for laying such a fantastic intelligent (too intelligent?) trail..(see above re. truth)

TFU - Paparazzi.. trying to get soundbites from hashers is harder than you think.

Organ Grinder - For Wales whupping England at Rugby (then called out for related down down for wearing Oxymoronic rugby shirt.. Wales.. Brains)

SLOC - for blowing through the first check and picking up the trail... in the wrong direction...

DA - nominated for being the daft numpty that followed him

Mr M K*nt - for copying the RA's awesome tshirt from the Gypsies SF hash.

Octopussy - For whinning about the trial being too long (errrr.. ok.. nuff said)

Yogi - For showing homosexual enthusiasm towards the RA.

Abbot - For singing like a poofter.

On ON !!!

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