Hash Trash - Run #531

Hash Trash - Run #531
Date: Sunday, August 6th, 2006 @ 1:00PM
Location: Morin Heights

Hares: Total F**kup, Fukloric

Hounds: Brillo, Captain Canada, Chili Bones, Clit On, Dead Animal, Dead Dick, Fig Leaf, Foxy Lady, Likes It Rough, OAP, Panty Ho, Passes Wind, POG, Pooh Runner, Sinnerbad, Skinflint, Up For Grabs, Walkie Talkie, Yogi, Just Marie Josee, Pussy Puck (Taiwan), Comes Naturally, Just Gaby, Just Isabelle, Polar Bear,  Cock-A-Noodle-Do

Hash scribe: Pooh Runner

The annual MORON Heights Hash hared by TFU and F*klorific was well-attended by the usual list of suspects. Late cummers Yogi and Captain Canada arrived in time for the beer at the end, as usual. Some excuse about leaving Ottawa late after a celebration the night before. And having to call for directions. Somehow, Pooh Runner managed to make the same trip without any problem.

As always, OAP found no shortage of subjects to complain about, including TFU’s prowess as a firestarter and the fact that the oars just didn’t seem to work properly and that was why he couldn’t get the boat across the water in less than about 3 hours. (What is the sound of one oar in the water, OAP? DIP DIP DIP!!!)

The day coincided with a birthday celebration for F*klorific. It was duly noted in circle, along with recognition of special days for Mini Organ and Yogi.

The walkers went over about 5 beaver dams, but no beavers in sight. They were content to let the former Curious George check out the checks and report back, saving their energy for picking raspberries on the trail. Now known as Cocka-Noodle-Do for his swimming ability with a noodle in his nether parts, George claims that he NEVER gets his feet wet when when running or walking. He just doesn’t like it. Oh dear! Sounds like a challenge to me.

FRB Panty Ho was seen at one point to be heading backwards on the trail. After a refreshing crossing of the water, he treated all the Harriets to a peak at his glutes, although some of us were regretting not having our glasses on at the time.

Just Isabelle proved to be the nageuse that she said she was. Brillo declined the swim. Thanks to Little Big Man and Yogi, she just narrowly escaped drowning at the LAFFTER Hash the weekend before. 

OAP complained (again) about Hash disrespect in the circle, alluding to the lesbian antics of Sinnerbad and Ruff, although some of the other hashers, especially the Y chromosomes, didn’t seem to mind. One might wonder where Pog fits into all this gaity. Our illustrious RA Clit On managed to give us all a sneak peak at Ruff’s butt, which helped keep interest from waning in the circle.

Abbott finished off circle with the worst rendition of Swing Low ever heard in the Hash. Back to summer school for you sir!  

ON ON to the 10th annual RDR!

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