Hash Trash - Run #499.5

Hash Trash - Run #499.5
Date: Sunday, January 15th, 2006 @ 1:00PM
Location: Ste-Anne-de-Bellevue

Hares: Little Big Man, Cheap Thrills

Hounds: Anon, Captain Canada, Flipper, Foxy Lady, Laid Low, Lemonentry, Likes It Rough, Mustapha K*nt, Open All Night, Organ Grinder, Panty Ho, Poo Runner, SLOC, Sinnerbad, Skinflint, Slit Digger, Turksih Delight, Yogi, POG, Walkie Talkie, Fluffy Lockerman, Duelling Hand Job

Hash scribe: Cheap Thrills

Little Big Man and Multiple Entry sign up for what was supposed to be the Hangover run #501 but Sinnerbad changed the 500th run and party at her place to the following week because she claimed she would be out of the country on business and couldn't get her flight back in time....but Lo and Behold....who shows up to the 499.5 run.............the illustrious Sinnerbad and does she run.....NO...she sits in the tavern drinking coffee claiming a knee injury from skiing when she is supposed to have knee surgery in the immediate future......geez...what a wanker!!!

Meanwhile Multiple Entry, our Co-hare, is nowhere in sight.  He called Little Big Man claiming that the road to the airport was washed out in Caracas and he couldn't get back in time so I, Cheap Thrills, volunteer under protest to help set the run.  So much for my regular Sunday morning ritual of bein g brought tea in bed while I read and Little Big Man works in the kitchen preparing my breakfast!!!

Two days before the run we have spring like conditions and by Sunday, we are in the deep freeze.....wind chill of -25.  As we all bundled up outside the tavern, LBM went off with the runners and Cheap Thrills took the walkers, following a trail of green water, paprika, flat coke and leftover red wine (alcohol doesn't freeze and at the time...it seemed like a good idea).

As for down downs....well POG, our fair weather Aussie hasher had more than his share.....who else would show up with his Canadian lumberjack hat and no socks......no socks in -25...can tell he is not a Canadian eh!!!

Our returnees get a down down including Fluffy Lockerman who cums all the way from NY for the 500th run only to find out it is 499.5.

Sinnerbad gets a down down for playing with the numbers and screwing up the hash stats.  Flipper take s a down down for derelict of duties and finally getting all the hash mugs:  SLOC's 100th run mug, Lemonentry's 50th run mug, Open All Night's 50th run mug and our second Ottawa Hasher to get his 50th run mug (and on time too), Anon.

The Hares get a down down for getting laid or was it for laying trail....memory escapes me now.

Yogi gives the penis award to POG for running without socks and destroying his ankles as he fell through the snow...what a Wanker.

Cheap Thrills awards the Hash shit to Likes It Rough...just because it looks good on her.

Mustapha K*nt got a down down for joining the walkers, faking a knee injury when usually he is on of our FRB's.  I think he secretly wanted to find out what the walkers talk about on the run.  Laid Low confessed to me that she and Turkish made a pact the week before to walk fast every Sunday but who ends up at the back of the pack chatting with Open All Night......our very own Turkish so of course, she got a down down for keeping up the bitching as we have not had stitch and bitch for quite some time.

Just Wayne, a local tavern dweller, was singing all songs with the hash so we invited him up for a down down.  He was so excited that he drank too soon and we made him do it again.  Our bar maid professed a dislike to beer but managed to down her glass as well.

A cake was offered to the hash in lieu of not having chili or some such feast and apparently a good time was had by all.

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