Hash Trash - Run #427

Hash Trash - Run #427
Date: Sunday, September 12th, 2004 @ 1:00PM
Location: Kirkland

Hares: D.A., Foxy, Open All Night

Hounds: Abbott, Beaver, Boner, Brillo, Bush Pig, Captain Canada, Captain Hook, Cheap Thrills, Fig Leaf, Julius Seizure, Mr. Perfect, Mustapha K*nt, Nevertits, Numbskull, OAP, Peniscillin, Pinky Puss, Pop-a-Weenie, SLOC, Skinflint, Slit Digger, Snow Frog, Turkish Delight, Witchy, Yogi, You F*cker, No Sex

Virgins: Just Nancy, Just Bev, Just Susan, Just Christine

Hash scribe: Cheap Thrills

In the absence of our Hash Scribe, Sinnerbad, I am attempting to do the hash trash from memory. I apologize ahead (head...who said head) of time for any omissions or errors on the run....I did not take notes. What I can tell you is that it was a long f*cking run. DA, our illustrious hare, did say he had a wimps and MAN'S split.....yes ladies you heard that correctly...a wimps and MAN'S split....not rambo but MAN'S split. Was that a challenge....I think so. There were a few woMAN who decided to take him up on this challenge. An 8km run, and from the split add an extra 6 km on the MAN'S split.

You couldn't ask for a nicer day. On on we went.....a new territory with a little shiggy thrown in for good measure. At one point I was running with Numbskull and he said where's the split. You missed it sweetie you are now running the MAN'S trail with the rest of us. With a few moans and a few groans and that was coming from our newlywed Numbskull, we trucked along, crossed highway 40 twice.....my god we were such a long way down the highway, would we ever get back. But get back we did.

We circled up and who showed up but Pinky Puss' Mom and Dad....Mr. and Mrs. Pinky Puss. Our new boots were honoured with a demonstration from Numbskull, then our returnees.....where have you been you wankers. You F*cker was brought front and centre for a crime of not paying when he visited last year and stiffed Boner with the cheque....also wearing a Maple Leafs t-shirt in a Canadians town....what were you thinking.

Then we got to honour our newlyweds, Pinky Puss and Numbskull. They were presented with a toilet brush, just what every new couple needs especially after eating DA's chili and then the piece de resistance.....the S&B quilt.....stitched by hand by various harriettes over an 8 month period. A few tears were shed, hugs and kisses all around......and okay out of the circle you two....

Our hares were honoured for a run well done.....Foxy and DA drank out of the yard glasses and I am happy to say the woMAN finished the beer first....wimps and MAN'S trail indeed. 

After a few more down downs...sorry guys, memory escapes me, we were treated to DA's chili. The medium chili was enough to fuel my car home and the extra hot, I am sure propelled Slit Digger, SLOC and Mustapha K*nt all the way home on their bikes...no peddle power needed there. My god DA your insides must be rotten......more BEvERages were consumed to counteract the chili. And a good time was had by all. Until next week..........ON ON

Cheap Thrills

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