Hash Trash - Run #415

Hash Trash - Run #415
Date: Sunday, July 4th, 2004 @ 1:00PM
Location: Snowdon

Hares: Boner
Hashers: Abbott, Captain Canada, Cheap Thrills, Chili Bones, Cunny Lips, Dead Animal, Dead Dick, Foxy Lady, Mustapha K*nt, Skinflint, Turkish Delight, Yogi, Just Graham, Just David

Hash scribe: Cheap Thrills

Well there was a little f*ck up with this week’s run and Boner, our GM stepped in, saved the day and hared the run. Some of us tired from the Ottawa Hash festivities, i.e. Red Dress Run and their 1000th run did our best in the friggin hottest day of the summer. Boner, figuring we needed our god damn exercise…..set the run up those damn hills in Westmount. Some of us who were in Ottawa were noticeably absent yesterday …..Sinnerbad….SLOC….Open All Night…..there was much talk as to who got shagged by whom or was it a Menage a Trois!!! But we will save that for next Stitch and Bitch at Cheap Thrills new House of Ill Repute.

Dead Dick and Just David, best known as Cunny Lip’s son got lost on trail or just couldn’t get enough of those hills because last seen they were running uphill in the wrong direction. Our infamous walkers…skipped out of the well set walkers trail and found the nearest Brasserie because they were all suffering from heat exhaustion. Somewhere along the way they picked up Muddy Nipples, dressed in her Sunday best and if you ask Dead Animal….I am sure he will give you a sneak peak of the picture he took up her skirt. My Mother always told me to make sure you wear clean underwear because you never know when you might have to go to the hospital but she didn’t tell me to beware of dirty old men carrying digital cameras…..

We all circled up inside Boner’s semi clean apartment for down downs, thanks to Captain Canada who did the dishes.

Cheap Thrills got the honourable duty of showing Just Graham how a down down is performed and then he managed to f*ck it up anyway.

Our returnees: Cunny Lips, Just David, Mustapha K*nt, Turkish Delight, and Muddy Nipples all got a down down. 
Just David was named Little Lips
Skinflint was downed for 250 runs….way to go Skinflint
Abbot was downed for taking a nose dive in the park because he was too busy checking out the babes in bikinis…..and right before going on vacation too…..
Just Graham, not sure what this was for but Yogi got to join him.
Foxy Lady was downed for her new svelt figure…just in time for Cardiff.
And our Americans were downed for July 4th, Turkish, Abbott, and sorry folks but my memory has failed me and can’t remember who else was with them.

As for the boring trash….this is thanks to Sinnerbad who didn’t show up to do her duty and I filled in at the last minute.

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