Hash Trash - Run #412

Hash Trash - Run #412
Date: Sunday, June 13th, 2004 @ 1:00PM
Location: Downtown Montreal

Hares: Kristal Tits, 6 of 9
Hashers: Abbot, Arouse His Point, Boner, Cheap Thrills, Chili Bones, Cunny Lips, Dead Animal, Dead Dick, Fig Leaf, Flipper, Foxy Lady, Going Down, Lemonentry, Mudsticker, Organ Grinder, Passes Wind, Open All Night, Poo Runner, Pop-a-Weenie, Sexual Life of a Camel, Skinflint, Slit Digger, Turkish Delight, Walkie Talkie, No Pants Breeder, Sinnerbad

Hash scribe: Sinnerbad

The following events are true as recorded by the scribe of this hash.

I must admit I have been “f*cking around with work hence the reason for no trash being written the past couple of weeks. My mate Abbott was a dandy lad and wrote lasts week trash, with no notes; although he made it clear to everyone that his trash was crap and it was my entire fault.

To this end I have decided that this week trash will certainly be one to remember so I can be forgiven by all and sundry for my sins.


Tits set this run from her brownstone in the city. As we all know she will be leaving to join her Honey in the land of sheep shagging New Zealand.

Q: What three words do you never want to hear when having sex?
A: “Honey I’m home”

This was the Grand prix weekend, parking was shit so I decided like all spoilt bitches to pay for parking in a lot for my car and hopped a taxi to the on on. Big mistake, being late as usual, when I arrived everyone and I mean everyone was on the street being given the instructions. Cab swings by and that “Sheila” Thrills yells, there’s Sinnerbad in a taxi “fu*k you” I yell, hop out the cab, I had sealed my fate. My hashing day went downhill from there.
F*ckers took off and left me, imagine leaving Sinnerbad to do all the checks on her own, and even worse on a trail set by the madhatter KT. No way! I thought my hash passion partner SLOC would take pity on me and mark off the checks. Did he? No way so he can kiss my arse! and it gets worse, so read on……..
Took off East along Milton, made a right two blocks up to Sherbrooke and a leftie hit a check, decided to head North, thought KT would certainly head up the mountain. Checkback 3, went left, right, left, straight, left again, no f*cking markings,
Felt like weeping…Decided to head left’ appears Figleaf hit the same check and spent 20 minutes looking for trail, now I do not feel like the only daft c*nt on the hash.

Picked up trail on St Urbain, from here the run was beautifully set. As we all know our wonderful Tits is a Tour Guide and knows a million ways to punish hashers on a beautiful sunny day in Montreal. Hit Place D’Armes and the beautiful fountain.

At Complexe Desjardins Slit Digger, Mustapha, SLOC and DD split for a check and then got separated. Slit and Mustapha manage to find the trail before the pack arrived. Unfortunately for SLOC’s ego the pack arrived as he and DD found trail i.e. the following check point. From there DD and SLOC managed to lose the pack but they had a great lesson coming because Slit & K*nt did not mark through the checks even though they kept finding the trail on the first try. 
The hare took us down Square Victoria before leading to a long climb along Beaver Hall, now this is a mother f*cker of a hill, and we were all positive it would lead to the on home. 
No, Tits decided she would try to kill a few of the geriatrics like K*nt & Abbott so she continued the climb into University this was enough to make us dream about the on-in but the climb was not long enough for the Hare so we continued climbing even more through the McGill campus.

The trail took us along a dead end street and behold what should my now bleary eyes should see, 300 stairs that lead to Despins Street, she was also considerate enough to deposit a check back four. Being of sane mind and absolutely “knackered and lonely” for my mates I decided to head back to the on on where: “Arouse his Point” was winging about his toe being broken and could not run.

Arouse His Point’s real reason for not running

By this time SLOC and Dead Dick decided to out-smart the trail and short cut to the next sets of checks where they hooked up with Foxy. The rest of the pack including Skinflint, Mudsticker, Turkish and Thrills all winging by now headed up the mountain. The FRB’s K*unt, Slit,Abbott, ran their asses off and were already hitting the cold ones when the Gang arrived.
The walkers arrived in with Going Down looking all hot and bothered. Wonder why the Skirt was just under her arse and the tank just covered her tits. Beautiful Chili Bones came in and sadly told Sinnerbad she had waited for her but “what the f*ck happened” you never came.
Tits chose an axcellent location for a beer stop “The Belvedere”. As beautiful as this run was the hare managed to split everyone up. The gang trickled back to the on in in pairs over a forty minute time frame. 

Tits this is a run we will never forget, beautiful trail, well thought out to test even the best in our House, run was long about an hour and 45 minutes. Everyone returned with the same phrase “where are the cold ones”.


Our leader FLIPPER calls circle

No Pants Breeder , Walkie Talkie, Just Laila New Cummers
Flipper, Going down, Slit, Open all night, 6 of 9, Returnees
Figleaf, walkie 
Figleaf Spitting on GM
Sinnerbad,Figleaf late cummers
Skinflint Does not know left/ right

Hares Shitty run/ no hills
Turkish Spray painting penis
Slitdigger/Abbott Racing at hash
Sinnerbad, Going down Sexy dressers
Sinner bad Taxi to hash / designer gear
Organ grinder Lazy fu*ker 41 runs never hared
K*nt/Turkish Falling Tits first
Arouse his Point Beer hogging
Arouse his Point Birthday
Hares Sombrero
Thrills Never climaxing
Krystal Tits Vest/ flowers
Abbott, Skinflint Demo of hand job

6 of 9 prepared a beautiful Jambalaya , sandwiches and a red concoction in a pitcher. The atmosphere was electric in this beautiful location.
Thank you both for a wonderful run/ meal
Krystal was presented with the Montreal HHH vest, which carried a beautiful logo of both the Moon hash( of which KT is the founder ) and the MHHH. Thank you Foxy & Turkish for all your hard work on the vest.
Our best wishes are with you KT , please remember we will all be in Auckland soon so keep the spare room ready. If you move please let us know where we can locate you.
The gang then headed on to Hurley’s Irish Pub for a meal and some Ale.


On Back