Hash Trash - Run #411

Hash Trash - Run #411
Date: Sunday, June 6th, 2004 @ 1:00PM
Location: Baie d'Urfe, eh?

Hares: Mr. Perfect, Snow Frog (but really - Speedy)
Hashers: Boner, Bush Pig, Captain Canada (with Lindsay), Cheap Thrills, Chili Bones, Cunny Lips, Dead Animal, Dead Dick, Fig Leaf, Foxy Lady, Lemonentry, Mudsticker, Mustapha Kunt, Organ Grinder, Passes Wind, SLOC, Sinnerbad, Skinflint, Turkish Delight 
Virgins: Prima Jack from the Moon Hash (was Just Yves), Just Dominique (Dominatrix), Just Kim (Pooh Runner), Just Nathalie and Just Daniel.

The “Perfect” D-Day Run?

The hash method of identifying a perfect run is when all the hounds return within a few minutes of each other, having had a good work-out, and there’s plenty of cold beer at the end. You could say this was two perfect runs – one stuck onto the other – which made it a bit long for most of us. After the run, we came in in waves like soldiers on the Normandy Beaches on D-Day. Walkers, super-short cutters (you could say the sensible contingent), full runners intent on self-destruction, and finally the poor lost souls. All showed signs of beer-deprivation at the finish, as it was a hot day, but in true Mr Perfect tradition, there was no shortage of cold beer at either the beer check or the On-In.

The first half of the run was cleverly set through the sunny Baie D’Urfe neighbour-hood with enough tricky back checks that even DA, with his newly-reconstructed knee, was able to keep up. It eventally led over the highway and railroad tracks to a beer check. Here we were warned of the buggy forest bit yet to cum, and liberally applied the anti-bug creams thoughtfully supplied by Snow Frog. Another nice trail section followed through the woodsy area north of the tracks. No bug problems if you didn’t hang around! Apparently, this chunk was set in part by Speedy – our silent partner third hare.

The third, long, hot, and easily solved part of the trail through an industrial estate had the hounds scattered for miles – some walking, all hoping the On-In wasn’t too far away. It was a thirsty kind of day. A tunnel under the tracks brought us to Rue Morgan and a check where the sensible bunch said “F**k it” (I quote) and walked straight in along the frontage road to Apple Hill. The FRBs, with more energy reserves than sense, took the next part of the run which wound again through the pretty Baie D’Urfe environs. We conquered the D-day beaches into the Perfect’s back yard two hours after the start and found no resistance as we assaulted the great icy barrel of beer bottles. Most troops had made it ahead of us, but lost souls continued to drag in for a further 30 minutes.

Sinnerbad had been taking notes of down-downs given by GM Boner and acting RA Mudsticker. After the event she remembered she had to be in Timbuktoo next week and said “Abbot – could you handle the write-up? I’ll send you my notes.” Right. The following is all I can remember or make up of the down-downs in the absence of any information beyond attendees (from Cheap Thrills stats).

Almost everyone got a down-down of one kind or another, with GM Boner happily mixing in sins with his regular duties. SLOC got his 50th run mug on his knees – he must have almost as many runs with the Moon Hash! Fit bastards included Arouse his Point for running up mountains the day before, and Skinflint and Abbot for just climbing mountains. New cummers included Prima Jack from the Moon Hash, Just Kim, Just Nathalie and Just Daniel. Returnees included Bush Pig, Mudsticker, Captain Canada and Lemonentry.

Our RA, Mudsticker, got the bit between her teeth and named Dominatrix for her snazzy leather wrist support outfit and Pooh Runner (for running in special shiggy) in short order. She also nailed a ton of sinners – but you’ll have to get the details from Sinnerbad, folks!



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