Hash Trash - Run #404

Hash Trash - Run #404
Date: Sunday, April 25th, 2004 @ 1:00PM
Location: Ile Perrot

Hares: The newly engaged Flipper,  Old Cheddar
Hashers: Bl*w Job, Boner, Brillo, Captain Canada, Cheap Thrills, Dead Animal, Eat Me, Foxy Lady, Mudsticker, Mustapha K*nt, Numbskull, OAP, Organ Grinder, Passes Wind, Pinky Puss, Poo Bare, Pop-a-Weenie, Sexual Life, Open All Night, Dingo, Slit Digger, Jiffy Lube, Deep Bush, Chili Bones, Dead Dick, Walkie Talkie, Sinnerbad, Just Glen
Virgins: Just Annika, Just Patricia, Just Dianne

Hash Scribe: Cheap Thrills & Passes Wind

Sinnerbad, our hash scribe is taking off on business…so she says…we think she is probably checking out other hashers in various parts unknown so she begged for someone to write up this week. Suckers that we are, Passes Wind and I agreed to jointly cover the run.

While we waited for Old Cheddar to emerge from his house….the hash stood around and froze their asses off….it is the end of April for god sake…..where is the sun and warm weather. It was so cold even Dingo had to go change from shorts to pants….what’s with that. OAP was up to his usual moaning and groaning….complaining that it was time to get going. So we circled up and Flipper explained the markings to our new boots, 3 virgin walkers. On On was called and off we went.

We head….who said head….up the hill through the new construction. Last time we ran there it was bush….now the beginning of civilization has appeared. Up behind the construction, there was a little trail confusion……lots of check backs with SLOC in his true fashion….not calling on trail. Through the bush, up through the field with the smell of fresh manure or was that our infamous FRB’s passing wind….the jury is out on that one. There was ten tons of shiggy…..WHAT……ten tons of shiggy and Old Cheddar waiting with digital camera in tow to try and catch everyone as they head….who said head….down the trail. Even though it was a f*cking cold day….a good time was had by all. 

Down Downs as scribed by Passes Wind

Demonstration - Just Glen crazy enough to return after being at the St. Patrick’s day run

New Cumers - Just Annika, Just Patricia, Just Dianne

Returnees - Pinky Puss, Numbskull, Deep Bush, Mudsticker, Just Glen, Poppa Weenie, ,Old Cheddar

Reading a Magazine on the Hash - Pinky Puss, was that a bridal magazine??

Had a Map and couldn t F*cking read it - OAP, Pop-a-Weenie

Crime Committed so that they have to leave the country and get married in Cuba - Numbskull and Pinky Puss

Smoking in the circle - Just Patricia

RA Down Downs

Shiggy Lover - Numbskull

Tree steeler and pickled pepper - Dead Animal

Reading Map Problem Again - OAP, Poppa Weenie, Old Cheddar

Lost Property and finding lost property, kidnapping - Boner

3 some - Chilli Bones, Brillo, Pinky Puss

Sexy Satin Sleep Masks - Oh my god.... his and hers - Organ Grinder and Passes Wind

Bellys - Organ Grinder, OAP, Dead Animal, Old Cheddar

On On

On Back