Hash Trash - Run #398

Hash Trash - Run #398
Date: Sunday, March 21st 2004 @ 1:00PM
Location: Plateau Mont Royal

Hares: Julius Seizure, Lemonetry
Hashers: Abbot, Boner, Cheap Thrills, Dead Animal, Fig Leaf, Flipper, Foxy Lady, Humper, Mustapha Kunt, Sexual Life of a Camel, Skinflint, Slit Digger, Speed Hump, Yogi, Just Leila, 6 of 9, Dingo, Crash-Man, Devil, Wet Spot

Hash Scribe: Cheap Thrills

Well….where to start. It was a wet snowy damp day and as we all circled up outside Julius Seizure’s palace, to what did our wondering eyes should appear……was it a bird….was it a plane…..no….it was Dingo Dave, returning after almost a year’s absence.

As we all waited patiently for our Hares to explain the markings, our illustrious Grand Master Emeritus Dead Animal took off in flight. On on we went in search of grated carrots and flour. There was a little trail confusion and we thought a beer stop but alas……it seems our beer stop was closed. We ran through the Plateau and Mile End with lots puddles in sight. Soakers were on the menu for the day. Soakers, a very waspish west island term for wet shoes, socks and water squishing in between the toes……you had to have been born and raised on the west island to understand the term.

Our new co-GM, Flipper called the circle to order. First order of business was to give down downs to:
· the returnees: Dingo, Devil, Crash Man, Yogi, Speed Hump and Just Leila
· the Hares: Julius Seizure and Lemonentry for S-H-I-T-T-Y T-R-A-I-L, sung to the tune of M I C K E Y M O U S E and no beer stop.
· Fig Leaf for cumming late.
· Cheap Thrills for getting her thrills from Lava Life flashers
· 6 0f 9 for going off in pursuit of good Samaritan deeds, I think somewhere in Africa.
· Yogi, sorry, can’t remember what this down down was for.
· SLOC for playing with his rocks over the sheet
· Boner for be caught in the baby bed sucking his thumb and joining the Hash Stitch and Bitch and actually stitching.

Our RA for the day, Boner now took over.

· Boner got a down down for being RA and covering for our noticeably co-RA’s, Turkish Delight and Mudsticker
· Julius Seizure for wanting to take the bus back and …..if one hare drinks…..all hares drink……… so Lemonentry joined in the fun.
· Slitdigger for hash fashion
· The Walkers for shopping on the trail…..you know who you are.
· Mustapha K*nt for not bringing Turkish and making her stay home to work so he could come out and play.
· SLOC, Skinflint, Speed Hump and Just Leila for having a threesome with SLOC…in your dreams SLOC….you should be so lucky.
· Slitdigger for lost property, he forgot his baby blankie and hat at last run.
· Humper, treated us all to a song he wrote some 13 years ago….move over Paul McCartney….apparently our illustrious Humper sings at the Open Mic at Brutopia on Crescent on Sunday nights for all of you who wish to hear him sing again.
· And last, but certainly not least, there was an accusation…..Skinflint wanted a copy of last week’s Ask the Sex Expert article so she could practice with Abbott. She apparently felt she was missing out on something and Abbott informed us that he retyped it in large print so glasses would not be necessary during the practice. For all of you who wish to read the article, check out Chatelaine’s April 2004, Ask the Sex Expert, “Hands-on Love” on page 34.

DA challenged us to find another article to help the men in their pursuit of female pleasures so Wet One agreed to check all back issues of Cosmo and Cheap Thrills agreed to check out Lava Life’s intimate site for some new and interesting techniques to bring smiles to our female hashers faces.

Circled closed with Dead Animal leading us in “Swing Low”

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