Montreal Hash Trash - Run #393 

At: St Sauveur Village
Date: Valentine’s Day + 1
Hares: TFU, Deep Bush
Temperature: Bloody cold
Weather:  Sunny, be-ootiful!!

Attendees: Abbot, Fukloric, Mustapha Kunt, Pop-a-Weenie, SLOC, Skinflint, Sinnerbad and Turkish Delight, with Hares TFU and Deep Bush.    

Write-up by Abbot

We few, we happy few, we band of brothers*;
For he today that freezes his tush with me
Shall be my brother*; be he ne'er so vile**,
This day shall gentle his condition:
And gentlemen* in Montreal now a-bed
Shall think themselves accursed they were not here,
And hold their manhoods* cheap whiles any speaks
That ran with us upon Saint Valentine's Day.

*Or sisters, women, womanhood, etc – don’t forget that in Shakespeare’s time women were property, like houses, dogs and firkins of ale. They didn’t get to run with the hash. So Shakey just left them out of his poems until he got horny.

**There may have been a non-beer drinker there. I was too hung over to remember.

Ten brave souls showed up for this remarkably well-set run in downtown St Sauveur. The temperature was only –16 Celsius. It was a clear, sunny day, with little wind. Most of us looked a bit tired from all the carousing (etc……..) of Valentine’s Day. We saw much red, but the “wear something skimpy” was not revealed until the on-on. Of course, we knew there were hashers on their death bed (like Flipper), otherwise engaged (KT+ ), and engaged in ridiculous over – exertion in Loppets and suchlike (Lemon Entry, Launch Pad, and so on), but it was the bastards that were still in bed screwing that raised all the heartfelt condemnation. Whoops…….. I got a down – down for confusing Valentine’s Day with sex and not just LOVE. Of course, folks, it wuz just Platonic. THAT’s why I was tired.

Fears of wading through 6-foot snowdrifts were well stoked by TFU, who also attempted to outdo his Rabbie Burns Day invisible markings stunt on the first part of the trail. This was a feint towards the woods. However, the red dye rapidly began to show through as we toured the remarkably attractive environs of St Sauveur des Monts North. We warmed up rapidly in the bright sunshine. SLOC and Mustapha dutifully did the whole trail, not missing a checkback. Within a little under an hour we were following the now-blue markings back to the Pauline Vanier centre. Pop-a Weenie, looking smug and warm in his red flannel body suit underwear (with the back-flap-for-a-crap attachment) said it was time for the beer, so we rapidly relocated to the Chateau Lac Millette up the hill, country estate of our hostess Lady Deep Bush.

Here we ran into Just Kassandra from Trinidad who had some new excuse for missing the run – has this lady actually done a run yet? However, she redeemed herself by displaying sexy red underwear – definitely a counterpoint to Pop-a-Weenies flannel body suite – and was permanently named “Sinnerbad”. Marlise did the GM stuff and SLOC the RA. Due mostly to our winter exertions, there were a lot of welcome backs. The circle was in the impressive downstairs area of the DB mansion, in front of a crackling log fire – and YES! - there was even a bearskin rug (eyed appreciatively by Fukloric). Lots of warm tushes that day. We’re going to have to stay on the good side of Deep Bush & Consort – the other side of the basement had a full-sized elegant St James Club pool table!

  Good run & On-0n, lotsa fun.