Hash Trash - Run #392

Run #392
Sunday, February 8th

Wankers in attendance: Foxy Lady, Dead Animal, Slit Digger, Mustpha Kunt, Boner, SLOC, Fig Leaf, Krystal Tits, Humper, Just Wendy, Just Kassandra, Bl*w Job, Dead Dick, Chili Bones, Organ Grinder, Yogi, Cheap Thrills.

The day dawned bright and gloomy. It was Sunday, day of relaxation, beer and moderate to non-existent running. Except this Sunday, a group of hard-core lunatics was getting up early (early: anytime before noon beers), and heading out to the other end of the world (West Island) to do some running in sub-human temperatures (minus 20 with wind chill). It was the annual Ile Bizzzzard Blizzard Run.

One hasher was even more tortured by lack of correct information whilst trying to get in touch with her lift. What do you mean, you gave me your brother’s phone number instead of your own!? Only a hasher…

The races themselves, a pleasant 5k or a somewhat not-so-pleasant 10k, were over before 12 and the hungry pack started off in search of sustenance. “I know where there’s a Subway nearby”, says SLOC bursting with confidence. The cavalcade sets off. Well after passing four or five Subway shops, we pull into a Café Depot. So much for that idea.

The group did make it in time to the run (twenty past one) thanks to the fearless, nay, senseless driving of the intrepid SLOC. After Fig Leaf fumbled with his gear in the back of the trunk for some time, we were off.

Bl*w Job looked confident we would be back in time for the two o’clock special, or at least in time for the 3pm opening of Les Amazones, the strip club beckoning across the parking lot. He was almost proven wrong as Fig Leaf got ridiculously lost on the medium to shortish length trail. 

Speaking of the trail, it was very well laid and clearly marked. The medium of choice this week: flour, salt and some red stuff, presumably not blood. Route was nice and windy (as in, long and windy road…). We were not sure at all where the heck we were in NDG. Then again, is that such a surprise???

The down downs were satisfying, and no doubt Humper, that dastardly hasher who treats Montreal like his sometime mistress, enjoyed them very much. Well, he must have enjoyed the down downs more than the run, of which he saw not an iota. Welcome back, ye wanker.

Other deeds and misdeeds: Dead Dick for non-calling, Mustapha Kunt for fouling the trail, Bl*w Job for haring and for putting a checkpoint within sight of the car park, Foxy Lady for making Wendy come, Fig Leaf for assuming his brother’s phone number, Humper for littering the carpark, and Yogi for demonstration purposes. Yogi was asked to do his down down in slow motion, which allowed us, for once, to actually see varying levels of beer in his glass and not just the full/empty contrast.

Good fun, good trail. On on to St-Valentine’s Day Hash!

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