Run #69 - The Whole Hog Hash 

Saturday May 30, 1998 - Hash 69, The Whole Hog Hash will go down in Montreal Hash collective memory as both the largest Montreal Hash ever and certainly one of the best yet.

The Trail

Hared by Zebedee and Woody. Hashers were impressed by the variety of the landscape on this hash. The trail featured road running, dense forest, horsy paths, sand dunes, several lakes and the occasional stream. Cool temperatures, clear sky, and moderate winds made for ideal hashing conditions. However, there was ample mud and water for Numbskull and his brother (Shaved-Skull) to achieve their usual level of muck and filth. No trail confusion was noted, but hashers did complain of a alleged 16 point check-back. The run lasted a good hour and a half, a was terminated by a cold beer in Woody’s swimming pool.

The Hashers

A record 45 hashers turned up for the event including lots of newcomers and returnees. Almost all the regulars were in full attendance. For the first combined Walking-Cycling-Hashing Hash we thank Sam, Gail & Gail, Bernadette, John and Lillian who proved that you don’t have to run around like a bunch of bloody idiots to Hash. Reported FRB included Shallow Throat, Lucifer and Coach. The honour of DFL was given to Mogwai and Ildar.


Newcomers welcomed with a down-down included Karen, Brigit, Victoria, Helen, Sam, Gail & Gail, Dawn, Ildar, Andrea, Glyn, Marc, Ed, Jean Phillip and JoAnne. Returnees included Loper, John, Lillian, Cathy, Quarterpint, and the Coach. Along with the regular Ottawa bastards (Lucifer and Anon) we welcomed back deviants Shallow Throat and the "What’s Thursday again?" One Hand Bandit. Hash Flash - Prior Fuck, after forgetting to bring his camera the last 2 hashes, realized that the film was not turning after the third group picture. SAV for showing up with a brand new BMW. Numbskull got the Numbskull award for asking "Is that a 6 or a 9?" on a check.

Everybody twisting by the pool...(Photo: SkinFlint)

Special Thanks

Extra-ordinary effort was taken to put this Hash together. Woody and family, Zebedee, Dead Animal and Foxy - for procurement of Mr. Pig, 24 cases of liquid refreshment, the World famous Cesaer Salad and other knoshes, T-shirts, the deck & pool, the new high tech registration system, and the portable Pee-station.

Group photo. (DA)